Hello again kids. The past 2 weeks have been absolutely horrendous! First, Jökull was very sick for a week, with a fever and a really bad cough, and now I caught whatever he had! I’ve had a fever, a headache and an earache, my nose is runny and I cough until I gag…ok I think […]

Hey guys Today I wanted to go over some of my favourite products at the moment I don’t expect everyone or even anyone to agree with me, but thats how life is! I hope I can summon this list in to a short blog post!   Ebryolisse moisturiser Smashbox Primer water Mac Blot Powder Mac […]

  Good evening beautiful people!   Check out my Youtube channel HERE to see the video for this blog post 🙂  Have any of you had an eyeshadow quartet? These little eyeshadow palettes that many people don’t want because they don’t understand them. So what is an Eyeshadow quartet? It is a teeny tiny eyeshadow […]

That’s it… it’s over… Hiiiya! Weeell where to start ? lets start with, i’m so sorry I haven’t blogged properly in a while, i’ve just been catching up with some quality time with the family and trying to chill out a little! I also didn’t want to do this last blog post until I actually […]

Hey Kids! Well don’t I have a treat for you guys? I tried to do a marbled eyeshadow look, It didn’t go as well as I hoped but I am still impressed with how cool it looks! I do want to warn you thought, It is very time consuming, and you have to just let […]

Goood Evening you guys! We continue with our colour series tag! now we only have 2 “colours” left, that is black and white! but today we’re using brown. I decided not to do anything major today, I just wanted to do something very soft and easy. So a brown halo smokey was the pick for […]

Hiya Beauties ❤ If you read my last blog you might know that yesterday I was working on my first project as a freelance makeup artist 🙂 Sandra María and I went to a bridal photoshoot, that was for the short film we are the makeup artists for, So I started by going to MOOD […]