Egyptian Magic Review <3

If you want your foundation to look great your skin must first be great.


A little bit about my skin before I go in to this review.
My skin is pretty oily on the T zone so I’m prone to getting pimples on my nose and chin, but my skin gets dry on the cheeks and forehead sometimes. When I get pimples I can be sure that once the spot has popped it will become a bleeding sore, thats just how it has always been, I get a spot, it pops and I end up with a gaping sore for the next 2 months, my skin apparently doesn’t heal very fast. I also get a lot of milia/milium cysts around my eyes, lips and on my cheeks. Milia is trapped keratin under the surface of the skin so it appears as small white bumps, and let me tell you they are not easy to get rid of, you can’t really squeeze them, and if you don’t they just stay there. So I have to poke a needle through them and then squeeze them out, and yes I end up with red patches and sores that don’t heal for 1-2 months.

Let’s go over how I found out about Egyptian Magic!
I think it was about a year ago that I saw a video on youtube about a review on Egyptian Magic, I somehow got sucked in to the screen, watching these for hours and this so called magic cream was interesting me beyond believe. I am pretty familiar with the beauty market in Iceland and I had never seen this cream here before so I went online and looked for it, It is a pricey cream! especially when you have to have it shipped from the other side of the world, I really didn’t want to pay all this money for a little jar of some cream I might not even like! So I forgot about it

What is Egyptian Magic?
It is an all natural, that means it has no additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens, oil, that looks solid in the jar but once you rub it between your hands it turns in to a liquid oil. The company makes no medical claims about their product but their many testimonials are used for this list found on their website. I put a little [X] after the ones I have personally tried.

  1. Moisturiser [X]
  2. Healing burns [X]
  3. Treating cuts and Scrapes [X]
  4. Fading Scars
  5. Eczema & Psoriasis Relief
  6. Hair conditioner [X]
  7. Lip Balm [X]
  8. After Shave
  9. After Sun Lotion
  10. Vaginal Moisturiser and Lubricant
  11. Hand and Cuticle cream [X]
  12. Makeup remover [X]
  13. Eye Cream [X]
  14. Massage balm
  15. Tattoo Aftercare
  16. Diaper Rash
  17. Pregnancy moisturiser
  18. Makeup Primer [X]
  19. Hydrating Face Mask [X]
  20. Cracked Heels and Elbows

Where Did I Get my hands on Egyptian Magic?
Then came Costco *insert angels singing*… Costco opened its first warehouse in Iceland in May 2017, I am a huge fan of Costco, its affordable AND it brings products that no one knows about to the country….one of them being EGYPTIAN MAGIC! The first time I seen it, I didn’t buy it because I thought it was too expensive, but then I figured out that in the pack you get 1 big jar and 1 small jar, for the same price as if I would have bought the small jar online and had it sent to me. So I looked for it the next time I went there but I couldn’t find it, I didn’t see it again until my fourth time to Costco and decided to get a pack so I could finally try this cream. and boy oh boy!

How did it work for me?
I didn’t really know what the company claimed the cream could be used for until I started researching for this blog, I just wanted a good moisturiser really. I had just gotten rid of 3 milia bumps on my cheek 1-2 days prior to buying and trying the cream for the first time, and yes I had a very red cheek with bleeding spots. I tried the cream for the first time the same day I bought it and I was surprised it was more of an oil than cream, but oh well I am willing to try mostly anything once. The first thing I noticed was how hydrating it was, my skin didn’t feel dry at all, but not oily either, it just felt really nice and I felt like my skin was benefitting from this creme. Around 2-3 days later I noticed that my red cheek had gone down by loads and I couldn’t see any sign of 2 of the 3 milia bumps I had previously popped! I was already impressed, but I couldn’t just go recommending it for everyone just because of this one thing, so now I’ve used this creme for about a month and I really like it, yes I have noticed a few cons like the product not sinking in to the skin very fast, so it sits on your skin for a long time and like with any oil it feels very greasy for the whole time, but other than that I think its great.

Smooth Skin
Sores, cuts and scrapes heal faster
Soothes burns
Great deep conditioner for hair
Doesn’t break me out

Sticky feeling on skin for a long time
Oil.. not cream

Thank you all for reading! I want to know if you have heard of this cream, have you tried it and what do you think? comment your thoughts in the comments below and lets have a discussion.



Ágústa Sif


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