Sultry Smokey Eye <3

Now we’re entering the deep end of the pool, and although I used to take loads of swimming lessons… and work at a pool…I am NOT the best swimmer out there.

I have talked about it before and I will again, I have always passionately disliked dark eyeshadows, especially black. I always had a hard time using black shadows, applying, blending, the whole shebang has always been very difficult for me. I also never liked dark eye looks on me, I felt like they made my eyes look smaller, tired and just evil in some strange way hah! The darkest I would go was a chocolate brown so you always saw a pretty neutral, light pretty look. Well I have been challenging myself to practice my usage of darker eyeshadows and I thought it would be fun to show you how I do a sultry smokey eye, I have made a quick little video on my youtube channel you can click HERE and subscribe 😀


MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
MAC Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour in Blind Score
MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in More Amour
Morphe 35N Palette (#2 #14 #11 #30 & #35)
L’Oréal False Lash Superstar Mascara
L’Oréal Eyeliner

Prima Lash Lashes in #808
Max Factor Pan Stick #12

Max Factor Pan stick #14 for contour
Mac Diane Kendal Spring/Summer 2017 Concealer palette – lightest
Makeup store Loose powder in pale
Mac Bronzer medium
City Colour Blush Quartet Collection 2 – Orange + Bronze
Gosh Matte Lipstick – Baby Lips


Start off by moisturising your face and eye area, I let my moisturiser sit on my skin for at least 5 minutes before starting anything else, letting it sit longer would of course be better. We’re starting with the eyes now because were working with black eyeshadow and the fallout would make your foundation and concealer go grey if we started with the skin. Next I used Mac paint pot in Bare Study to prime my eyelid and all the way up to my brows, it is a pale pink shimmery creme shadow and I used that to get a slight highlight where I won’t be using the dark colours. After the Primer I used a Lip and cheek colour from Mac called Blind score, it is a dark purple colour with a hint of pink in it, this will act as a base colour for the whole look. Next up I used Amour from Mac to add more pink into the crease. Now were moving in to the Morphe 35N palette, I used colour #2 for the brow bone and 11 & 14 for the crease. Lastly I used the black #35 to make it black as hell, then it was all blending, and I spent good 10 minutes on that.
When It comes to this point I take a break from the eyes and start on the face, I used Max Factor Pan Sticks in #12 for the all over coverage and #14 to contour. For my concealer I used the lightest shade in Diane Kendal Spring/Summer 2017 concealer palette, dabbed that under my eyes and down my nose. then I used my L’Oréal eyeliner to line my waterline and tightline, when you are doing smokey you don’t want any skin peeking through. Then I set my foundation all over with the Makeup Store loose powder in pale. I deepened my contour and warmed it up with the Mac Bronzing powder and popped on the 2 blushes from city colour. Now we go back to the eyes! my god this will be a long blog…I applied the Blind Score lip and cheek colour underneath my eyes, then the Amour and finally the black #35 from the morphs palette and blended to connect with my eyelid. I am a big fan of nude lips, wether it being with a bold eye or a simple look I always love a nude lip, so I am going with my fave matte nude colour, the Gosh Velvet Touch Matte in Baby lips, seriously I made a blog about them, they are lovely! Then I just whacked on some mascara and lashes!


I wasn’t too sure about this makeup look at first, you know… the whole fear of using dark colours and whatnot…but Really started to love it the more I went on with it, at the end of the day I really enjoyed taking it off, but I felt fancy AF.

Let me know if there is anything you want me to try out or if you have any questions, id be happy to get a few ideas 🙂

-Ágústa Sif

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