Plain & Easy Cutcrease <3


Now I am back with my first proper blog post since my little 8 month break *happy dance *. I am back now,I have been getting loads of ideas and inspiration  lately for some fun makeup looks and other things that I have been thinking about doing.
But for now we are starting with a very plain, cut crease look, for us who like to wear a lot of makeup this could be a nice natural look, for those who don’t like to wear a lot of makeup this is a really glam look, and its easy to achieve!



Mac Matchmaster 1.5 + Body Shop Lightening shade adjusting drops
MAC Diane Kendal Spring/Summer concealer palette (lightest for concealing + 4th for contour)
Makeup Store Loose powder pale
MAC Bronzing powder medium
Pink + orange H&M blushes
ELF pinktastic highlight
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in #11


Mac paint pot Soft ochre
Morphe 35N palette
Mac Pigments Kitschmas + vanilla
Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner
L’Oréal False Lash Superstar
L’Oréal Khol eyeliner 120 immaculate snow
Makeup Store Brow Pomade brunette

I am just going to write down what I did with my eyes, otherwise tis will take forever and I have a pretty basic way of applying my face makeup.

So, I started with the Paint pot, applied it on my lid all he way up to my brows, then I used colour #5 in my Morphe 35N palette to set the paint pot, that way it is easier to blend the darker colours but the colour payoff isn’t the same as if you would add colour strains on to the paint pot (this is good to know) , next I used #1 to add a matte highlight underneath my brows and in my inner corners. Now were getting to the fun bit! To add a bit of depth to my crease and to act as a guide for my darker colours I used #9, this way I can see and make sure I’m not adding dark colour where I don’t want it later on, then went in with #14  which is a light orange colour, that will add some warmth and colour to this look, and it really compliments blue eyes., #? I used to darken the crease and shape it into a “flick”, the last colour I used was #29, a warm, slightly orange brown shade to darken, shape and flick my eyeshadow a little bit. Then I got my paint pot again and applied it on my lid, this is an easy way to do a cut crease without drawing the crease first, on top of that I dabbed MAC’s Vanilla and Kitschmas pigments, glided on a black winged liner, which I hate but I buy it because I love the first 2 times I use it *smh*. with my mascara and threw some Tanya Burr Bambi Lashes on!
Ant Thats it!

Hope you enjoyed that if you have any requests or want to ask me something you can comment below, message me on Instagram or twitter, id really appreciate it if you would 🙂

Ágústa Sif

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