What have I been up to?

Good question…

The last time I blogged was when I did the Tribed makeup look, now that was 8 months ago, I had just finished a big project with the Icelandic Film School, where I went with 20 or more strangers to work at a viking set in Iceland, and we spent 3-4 days filming there sleeping all together in a little summerhouse. I had loads of other projects coming up after that trip, because many of the directors, producers, actors and screenwriters needed a makeup artist for their projects, I was working almost everyday for 12hrs for 2-3 months, it was exhausting but amazing. During that time I made many new friends and I had the best time ever, I never thought working would bring someone so much joy. It was obviously exhausting but great fun at the same time. I didn’t get a decent time off from work until June so I decided to take a long time off to spend with my family and just to recharge my batteries, because I was so tired from all that work (on barely any pay), and since Jökull was off school for 4 weeks I just wanted to focus completely on him for that time as well.

Now I have loads of time on my hands since school has started again and I haven’t booked any work yet, so Im going to use the time to brainstorm, think of some projects and am getting myself back in to blogging. I did do a few makeup looks during my time off, but I mainly posted them on Instagram, Facebook and on my snapchat (itsagustasif) I will however show you a few of them right now! hope you enjoy!


Let me know what you’ve been up to this summer!

Ágústa Sif

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