Sultry Smokey Eye <3

Now we're entering the deep end of the pool, and although I used to take loads of swimming lessons... and work at a pool...I am NOT the best swimmer out there. I have talked about it before and I will again, I have always passionately disliked dark eyeshadows, especially black. I always had a hard... Continue Reading →

Plain & Easy Cutcrease <3

Hello! Now I am back with my first proper blog post since my little 8 month break *happy dance *. I am back now,I have been getting loads of ideas and inspiration  lately for some fun makeup looks and other things that I have been thinking about doing. But for now we are starting with... Continue Reading →

What have I been up to?

Good question... The last time I blogged was when I did the Tribed makeup look, now that was 8 months ago, I had just finished a big project with the Icelandic Film School, where I went with 20 or more strangers to work at a viking set in Iceland, and we spent 3-4 days filming... Continue Reading →

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