Tribed <3


Hello again kids.

The past 2 weeks have been absolutely horrendous! First, Jökull was very sick for a week, with a fever and a really bad cough, and now I caught whatever he had! I’ve had a fever, a headache and an earache, my nose is runny and I cough until I gag…ok I think thats TMI! but yeah i’ve been very sick now for the last 4 days.

But yesterday I was feeling a little better than before so I had a little fun with my makeup and did this grunge/ tribal / festival/ geometric whatever this is! I loooove this look, I actually found the black lipstick suit me very well, my parents on the other hand…. hated it haha, no wonder they were born in the late 50’s and wouldn’t understand the fashion of today (mainly black lipstick and weird white shapes) well luckily I am not doing makeup to please my parents or anyone else.

Products I used:

➹ Smashbox Primer Water
➹ MAC Matchmaster 1.5
➹ L.A Girl Pro Concealer Porcelain & Natural
➹ MAC Blot Powder
➹ MAC Matte Bronzer Medium
➹ ELF Pinktastic highlighter
➹ Makeupstore Brow Pomade
➹Unknown blushes pink and orange
➹ Unknown lipstick (I dont know what I applied to my lips, it feels like a lipstick but I think it is a gel liner)

➹ MAC Paint Pot Painterly
➹ NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk
➹ bhCosmetics Galaxy Chic palette (Moon, Asteroid, Cosmic)
➹ Morphe 35N Palette ()
➹ Maybelline Lash Sensational

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