10 looks with 1 eyeshadow quartet <3


Good evening beautiful people!


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Have any of you had an eyeshadow quartet? These little eyeshadow palettes that many people don’t want because they don’t understand them.
So what is an Eyeshadow quartet? It is a teeny tiny eyeshadow palette that consists of 4 eyeshadows, usually the colours compliment each other and are gradient from light to dark. Many makeup brands offer these in their ranges, you can get these from brands such as MAC, Gosh, Maybelline, NYX and Clarins just to name a few.

Why do I love them? You can do loads of eyeshadow looks with just one quad, they are small and don’t take a lot of space in your vanity/handbag or wherever so they are travel friendly and what I love the most about them is that if you are new at makeup, having one of these is more than enough to start your makeup journey!

I am going to use my MAC Call Of The Canyon quartet from the Vibe Tribe range to show you a whopping 10 looks you can do with quartets, the Vibe tribe Quartets consist of  1 light colour, 1 medium, 1 bright colour and 1 dark shading colour. You can use whatever 4 colours you want for these looks, but keep in mind you might have to change them a little bit.


Look #1 – Everyday Golden Smokey

I would always recommend using 2 shades if you wont be wearing an eyeliner, that way you can create a little bit of dimension and brighten or darken your eyes. For this soft smokey look I used 2 Shades in the Call of the Canyon Quartet, The lightest shade is called “Call Of The Canyon” and the gold shade is called “Fool’s Gold” With this look I used the two lightest shades in my palette, they are Call of the Canyon(Shimmer off white) and Fool’s Gold (Golden shimmery goodness)

Look#2 – Classic Beauty

Here I used the classic 3 shade technique for beauty makeup, its simple its easy and it always looks beautiful, this is my go to method of applying eyeshadow and I have been doing it for 10 years. For this look I used Call of the canyon, Fool’s Gold and Thunderbolt.

Look#3 – Sunset Beauty

With this look I used all four shades in the palette (Call of the Canyon-Fool’s Gold-Thunderbolt-Summer sun), You can really play with this and change it any way you want, You can really get TONS of other looks using the 4 shades, so really I could do a list of 10 -20 looks with one palette! But we’ll have this one do for now 😉 For this look I used the Classic Beauty application and mixed that with the cut crease method.

Look #4 – Classic Smokey

A Smokey eye isn’t always completely black, you can do it in any colour, any opacity and you can definitely add some colour to a black base, which is what I decided to do here 🙂 Thunderbolt and Summer Sun glam! Summer sun doesn’t show up as well as I wanted it to but you can definitely see the orange shimmer.

Look #5 – Halo

I have been quite consistent and classic through this blog post, but now I thought to do something not so common, it is a peachy halo smokey! I used Summer sun and Call of the canyon to do this look and I reaaaally didn’t want to take it off! it is by far my fave look of this blog post! ❤ I might even have to have it as an everyday look because I love it way too much!

Look #6 – The Haze

The haze is a very easy look, I only needed 2 shades to do this, I used Call Of the canyon + Thunderbolt and it is basically a beauty look fused with a smokey look, the outer corners are very dark and smoked out but the inner corners are very light and barely blended.

Look#7 – Cut Crease

I love a cut crease, this style is inspire by the 60’s, when women used to rock a bold cut crease! Do keep in mind that a cut crease will always look better with more colours than I am using here, I only used 1 shade for the crease, but normally I would use 2-4 colours, I think it does look better when using at least 3 shades. But I went on with what I had and made this gold and black cut crease, I used Thuderbolt and Fool’s gold to create it.

Look #8 – Under eye glam

Now this look isn’t rocket science but it is a classic that looks absolutely beautiful on anyone, just choose a colour that suits you (or whatever colour you want) and pat it underneath your lashline! Make sure you have your eyelids in neutral tones so that colour really pops.

Look #9 – Dark in the corners

This look is not really for the faint of heart, its a very very bold look for people who don’t have a wide set of eyes, and is very often used in fashion. If you have wide set of eyes (they are far away from each other) this look will suit you very well, this is when the darkest shade, or the most saturation of the colour is in the corners of your eyes and is blended up to your brows.

Look #10 – Sinner V

The Sinner V is when you place a bright colour in the corners of your eyes, this look is really cool and is a good alternative when you want a pop of colour just not in the traditional under the eye type of way. For this look I used 3 shades in the palette, Summer Sun, Fool’s Gold and Thunderbolt.



And that’s IT! whew… that was almost like a workout! It took me about a week to do all the work for this blog and the video… an I had to do one of the looks TWICE because I accidentally deleted the files and pictures! So yes a like and a share would definitely be appreciated! but dayumn it was so much fun! I could have gone on and on with this post but I think 10 looks are enough for now! Have you ever had one of these quartets and not known how to use them? I used to!

Let me know what you thought of this post! I hope you have a great day! and also lets share ideas on future  blogs!

xoxo Ágústa Sif

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