MOOD Makeup School | Week #8 & Graduation <3

That’s it… it’s over…


Weeell where to start ? lets start with, i’m so sorry I haven’t blogged properly in a while, i’ve just been catching up with some quality time with the family and trying to chill out a little! I also didn’t want to do this last blog post until I actually wen’t to my graduation. But the last 8 weeks have been the most fun I’ve had in my life for a while, it was a struggle, managing 2 schools, a home and a disabled child, but it worked! I made it work! As you probably know by now … well I hope otherwise you might have some kind of a reading difficulty.. I am blogging about my last week at makeup school. From day 1 I’ve been putting all my effort in to this and learning new things everyday, and now its over, yes over the weekend I had my tests, and now I am obviously not going to MOOD anymore 😦 Im already missing the girls and my teachers! But new adventures are ahead. Lets talk about the week shall we ?

Monday- SPFX
Eygló, the founder and owner of the school showed us the basics of SPFX makeup,we played around with liquid latex, many different types of fake blood and sweat! We also talked alot and shared weird and funny stories, I almost got a six pack after all the laughter!

Tuesday- Modern era
Remember when I was doing the 20’s – 90’s, well on Tuesday we had to choose one of those eras and recreate a look from that era, but put it in to a modern style! Ofc I went with the 60’s, because it is very popular right now … cut crease …. duh. My little cousin Eydís modelled for me ❤ bless her heart, she is such a cute little thing!

Wednesday- Practicing for Finals!
Our last day of class, we didn’t need to learn anything, we got to practice for our final exams! So we got to do and fine tune the look we’ve been thinking about for 8 weeks, Eydís came over again and modelled for me! you would think it would be easy to find models for this, but I struggled a few times!

Saturday & Sunday 22-23rd of October
Over the weekend we had our finals, it was probably the most stressful days I have ever experienced, on Saturday we had our Beauty test, I did a good job I belive but I didn’t leave enough time to do the hair as I planned, so I just put it in a pony with a twist. On Sunday we did our fashion test, which was a lot easier than the beauty test, in the fashion test you have fewer rules to follow and can go wild with your imagination and creativity, I decided to do a gold and magenta look, these two days were crazy AF! I actually kind of loved it, it kept me busy and I was doing something I love to do!


Graduation- 4th of November 2016
What a time we’ve had! I am so thankful for the girls in my group, they are all such beautiful souls, It was nice to be a part of something again, On friday we all went to MOOD and had a few drinks and a catch up after 2 weeks apart! We then got our diplomas and headed to Sæta Svíni for Drinks and a meal! It was amazing! check out my facebook page [Ágústa Sif – MUA]for a video from that night!


What’s next for me? Well I don’t know, I have been doing some freelance work since school finished, I guess I will still be doing that, Im also going to be blogging, I wont quit that, I like writing… strangely haha. I think this is going to be it for now, I will be back next week with a new blog post 🙂 seeya then!


XoXo Ágústa Sif …. Makeup Artist!

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