MOOD Makeup School | Week #7

Hey you! How you doing?

I am doing so well at the moment, I had such a great week! Not only at MOOD but also just in general. I got offered to help my friend Sandra María, you can click on the link and see her website , with a project for a short film, I am sooo nervous but also extremely excited for this! I will be working either 2 days or 3 days I am not a 100% sure yet but I know I will be working on the 17th of october and the 27th 😀 soo happy! But right now I am going to focus on the great week I had, Im so sad there’s only 1 week left of school now :/

Monday – Drag
I modelled for the drag look Diego taught us, it was sooo much fun! We got to play with colours and glue, and its strangely fun to be done up in drag! I couldn’t find a partner to do my makeup that day so Diego told me to try to do the other half of my face the same as he did, He seemed to be impressed by my side of the face, and I think I did a great job mimicking what he did.

Tuesday – Drag
Modelling session of the week and our last day with our brother Diego! All of us got some boys to model for us and of course I dragged Adam in to it, he was a little scared of it the first time I asked him to do it, but as the day was getting near he started to get excited, and I actually think he looks really good as a DragQueen! He tried on a few wigs and he was loving the look, from what me and the girls were chatting about all of the boys did a great job at modelling and most, if not all of them loved to be done in drag 😀

Wednesday – Guest Teacher
Elín, well what can I say? Elín Likes is a very popular snapchat star in Iceland, and she is our guest teacher, she showed us a soft glam look, which btw looked awesome! and she was very friendly and chatty to us! Again everyone else had paired up already so I was allowed to do my own makeup …. OR I could have Elín as a model … Now I am a stressed out nervous wreck already … but when I have to do someone’s makeup who is alot more experienced than me … I kind of freak out and don’t do a great job! But when she offered to be my model … I took it … why ? How often do you get the chance to do Elín Likes makeup? …. almost never! Now there were a few things I could have done better ( like it is with everyone who is learning) I just take the criticism and write down what could have gone better! The look doesn’t suck, Im proud of it, just a few little tweaks that would have made it better 🙂 oh yeah sorry about the shit quality pictures … the Diva Ring Light broke during class!

Thursday – Guest Teacher
Elín taught us again, and again we had a blast! she showed us a coloured look with glitter tears, whiiich was preeeetty freaking lovely! The look she did was really cool, I actually dont have any good coloured eyeshadows so I had to use my shitty NN palette, needless to say I won’t be using that on anyone else than me from now on, I seem to be able to control the fallout better on myself than someone else haha! But I did a 60’s inspired look with blue colours and glitters 🙂


That’s it for week #7 of MOOD Makeup School, I don’t want this to end! just one week left + finals and Im a Makeup artist (if I pass my tests)

xoxo Ágústa Sif

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