MOOD Makeup School | Week #6

Hey guys! sorry this blog post is a bit late, I just haven’t been able to get back in to routine, both schools are so hectic right now, with loads of projects being handed out at my “normal” school and then I want to really focus on Makeup School and do well there So I’ve really just had my head at school lately! but even though this is a late post, Its here now 🙂 This week we went throught the 20’s to the 90’s and it has been such a great week! We met a new teacher, Diego Batista, he is such a funny guy and and amazing teacher. BTW HOW WEIRD IS THIS!?… I have finished 6 weeks of makeup school and I have 2 left!!! this is so unreal! I don’t want to leave that place because Im having so much fun… but I also just want to start getting jobs doing this and aaaagh its all so exciting but sad at the same time!

20’s -30’s
We learned how women in the 20’s and 30’s did their makeup, well … the actresses and prostitutes anyways because in those days, normal everyday women didn’t wear makeup. this is such an interesting look really because its a very thin brow, that makes you look kind of sad, bold thin lips and a soft smokey look, I had Birgitta as a model and well I don’t think I will be doing this makeup for anything else but Gatsby themed parties in the near future. It was so much fun though!

40’s – 50’s
Eva and I were reunited once again for the 40’s – 50’s look, It is by far the most wearable looks of the eras and is very popular still to this day. we don’t just learn how makeup was worn in those days, we also learn a little history of makeup while were at it, in these days women were actively competing against men in the employment market, and they looked fierce while they were at it.

Ok can I just say that this was SUCH A HARD LOOK TO ACHIEVE! but oh my god it was probably the second most fun! I just really like a challenge and even though its not perfect it is the best I could do for my first time doing it. not only is it freaky and weird ( for today’s standards ) its so pink and pretty! My Model is María, who shpuld wear pink more often because it looks so good on heeer!

80’s – 90’s
Modelling session! I had such a hard time trying to find a model for this day, everyone I knew was busy doing something but finally an angel heard my cry for help! Sandra came like the fierce makeup artist she is and borrowed me her makeup palettes, SHE BROUGHT ME A COKE! (what a goddess am i right ? ) and she saved my ass! We were supposed to do two looks 80’s and 90’s but Diego was feeling a bit sick so we only did the 80’s look. I aint complaining because I love me some grunge makeup! luckily I based my makeup look for the evening on the 90’s, if you just leave out the glitter, my makeup can be seen as a 90’s look …. yay ….. but back to Sandra! I did the coolest 80’s makeup on her …. can I feel sad that this isn’t a trend still ? I love this look so much I want to wear it everyday!

Oh and here is my 90’s inspired makeup look!

This was my 6th week of Mood Makeup School 🙂 hope you liked it, oh and I now have a like page on facebook! if you want to check that out it is here:

xoxo Ágústa Sif

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