The Colour Series | Orange

Hiya Beauty Bitches!


Its been a busy few weeks for me, with the moving, both schools and just life in general, therefor my blogging hasn’t been in the best shape lately. But I am once again trying to finish my Colour series tag, and now we’ve only got 4 colours left, well, 3 if we don’t count todays colour! yup it is time for #TheColourSeriesOrange woohoo! And were doing that one in autumn as well so hey! were doing a Orange look that can easily be represented as an autumnal makeup look… Damn Im clever!

Please excuse the video “quality”! I had to use my Laptop’s webcam to film the look because I broke my only memory card! Yes I am that clumsy… and unprepared! haha So I will go get a new memory card as soon as I can 🙂

I basically used my new foundation routine, but I used the NYX duo contour kit, for my contour and I mixed an orange and a red blush for my cheeks, and used the MAC bronzer to go a little bit over the contour, I want this look to be mostly matte and warm!


  1. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly – Apply the paint pot all over your lid and blend towards your browbone and under your eyes.
  2. Morphe 35W #10 – Apply your first shading colour just above your crease and blend it really well, this shade is only a reference to where your darker orange colour will go later.
  3. Morphe 35W #11 – Blend this shade over your first shade, and apply it to the outer corner of your eyes as well.
  4. NN Cosmetics palette #2 Row #2 Colour #4 – this colour will act as our shimmer base, I want a tine little shimmer to the eyes but not too much, apply this all over the lid, in the corners of your eyes and underneath your eyes.
  5. NN Cosmetics palette #2 Row #2 Colour #3 – this will be the brightest shade of your look, just add it over the light shimmery colour and blend it in to your shading.
  6. NN Cosmetics palette #2 Row #10 Colour #4 – just to darken the colour a little bit I used a very warm brown colour, just apply it where you applied the first 2 colours and you can go crazy if you want, but I kinda liked how everything was blended to oblivion.
  7. MAC Eye Kohl in Smoulder – I started to apply a brown eyeliner but I didn’t find the colour to add enough drama to the eye, so I went for Smoulder instead.
  8. MAC ZoomLash Mascara – I don’t think I need to talk you through how to apply mascara.
  9. Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Electric Orange – nothing fancy on the lips just a shiny orange lippy 🙂


Aaaand Here is the video! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did give it a like, share with your friends or recreate it yourself and show me! #thecolourseries and #thecolourseriesorange 🙂 hope you have a lovely week ❤

xoxo Ágústa

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