MOOD Makeup School | Week #5


Yay finally I can start blogging again! I moved to a new flat in downtown Reykjavík on the 24th of September, and since the apartment didn’t have a internet box prior to me moving in, I had to wait Monday – Wednesday for an electrician from my internet hosting company, or whatever to come to my house and get it up and running for me. So the last week has mainly been about moving in, waiting for the internet and getting settled. Obviously I really wanted to blog as well but I didn’t have time and I was just really tired from all the work (that my boyfriend and dad mostly did for me *rollseyes*). But now I am back after a week off and I am of course starting with my 5th week of MOOD MAKEUP SCHOOL! Omg I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a huge debt on my ass for this! I really don’t care about the money because It is so much fun and I am learning so many new things everyday! Plus this is something I’ve wanted for about 10 years. Look at me rambling on lets just go through what I did this week ok?

Monday – Tv Makeup
Learning how to do makeup for TV was a lot of fun, because you need a lot of makeup to have the look visual when there are so many strong lights pointed at people, you need to eliminate and recreate shadows, we learned what is important to do, what colours are best to use and what is very important that will never ever be on a person that is on telly (glitter btw!). Me and Magga were working together again and I love the look I did! It goes so well with her hair and looks a bit gothic in the pictures but in a TV studio this would be a very soft look.

Tuesday – Fashion
First day of fashion and we learned how makeup is done during fashion shows and got loads of ideas of how fashion makeup can be. I wanted to do something metallic and wanted to do kind of crazy lines on the eyes. I wasn’t taught how to do those until the very next day so they are a bit out there! haha but its a fashion look so even if its not exactly how I wanted it to look, its close enough! btw my model here is Kamilla ❤ such a great girl and such a talented makeup artist!

Wednesday – Fashion
Second day of fashion our teachers uploaded 20+ pictures to our facebook group, we had to choose a picture and recreate the fashion makeup in that picture, I went for a look that isn’t so out there, the contour was pink/red ish yes, and the eyes are glossy but other than that its quite ordinary!

Thursday – Model Session | Fashion
Thursday like every other day was a model session and I got my friend Arna Elísabet to model for me this time. Like wednesday our teachers asked us too look at fashion makeup online or in magazines, then we had to bring a picture with us and recreate the look on our model. I knew exactly what to do, I went with a look that Gigi Hadid wore during Giambattista Valli’s fashion show for spring 2016, I think this should be a trend, because I love this look!


Hope you liked it and have a great week you guys 🙂

xoxo Ágústa Sif

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