MOOD Makeup School | Week #4

LIFE UPDATE : I am moving house so I don’t have internet yet, and I really don’t know when I will have it! So blog posts and videos might not go live at the correct time 😦

Monday – Lips | different shapes
I was sick on monday so I decided not to go to school but I did ask the girls to show me their notes so I think im going to be fine! Im pissed that I had to miss it but I was way too ill to be going anywhere!

Tuesday – Adult Skin Men & Women + Model Session
This was probably my favourite day of the week, I did enjoy the other ones as well, but this one was really something special. We started with a little chat about the kind of makeup we were doing, and we learned how to do it properly. My auntie Linda and her husband Georg came and modelled for me! thanks you guys! And like every day they were looking like stars! I really enjoyed this class because we were not just doing women, but men too! Of course we did subtle makeup on the men but made sure it was HD TV ready!

Wednesday – Smokey
I have never been that great at doing dark smokey looks, but I think I did a good job on these two! We requested at the beginning of the school to learn classic smokey and Halo Smokey, so the teachers decided to teach us both methods even tho we only had 1 class of smokey. So we had to improvise a little bit, since we usually only have time for 1 lecture and 1 makeup look, we did classic smokey on one side and halo smokey on the other. This time I had Hjördís as a model, and a funny thing were both studying the same thing at college! I cant believe I did such a good job at this! Well at least I think I did a good job haha, I just really like both eyes!

Thursday – Model Session | Smokey + Wedding + Hair
I have to say I was a bit confused to what this was supposed to be, we didn’t get any clear answers to what we were supposed to do, some of us thought we were supposed to do 2 looks and others thought we were supposed to do a smokey bridal look. I just did a dark smokey with an easy as hell hairstyle! I feel like I could have done it a little bit better but there is always room for improvement! I was also very stressed because we had a new teacher that I didn’t know and that scares me a little hahah ( Helen was really nice tho!)

All in all I am happy with this week 🙂

xoxo Ágústa Sif

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