The Colour Series | Pink

LIFE UPDATE : I am moving house so I don’t have internet yet, and I really don’t know when I will have it! So blog posts and videos might not go live at the correct time 😦

IMG_2360Pink pink pink!

Hey hey! Welcome back to the 6th colour of the colour series tag! today we are doing pink! I want to say first off that I messed up the liner and really couldn’t be bothered to take everything off just to fix that! I also used my oldschool foundation routine because this look was filmed before I updated it! ❤ I also filmed a video, its taking a long time to upload though because I am using my phone as a hotspot.


∞ Paint Pot – Bare Study
∞ MAC eyeshadow – White Frost
∞ Morphe 35W – #17
∞ Morphe 35W – #31
∞ MAC eyeshadow – magenta whatever
∞ MAC Pigment – Kitchmas
∞ Morphe 35W – #12
∞ Maybelline Master ink matte eyeliner
∞ Morphe 35W – #34
∞ Maybelline linerefine kajal
∞ Maybelline Lash sensational mascara
∞ Loréal Double extension lengthening mascara
∞ Tanya Burr Lashes – Girls night out



Hope you liked it 🙂

Also If you have ANY ideas to what I can do next! please let me know 🙂 the colour series is about to finish and I need ideas! ❤

xoxo Ágústa Sif




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