Foundation Routine | UPDATED

Good evening gorgeous people!

I have been talking about my updated foundation routine for a while now and I wanted to get the blog over with so you know what is going on my face in every video and blog that i post, instead of the classic ” it’s coming soon!”

So at makeup school, I have learned a lot about skincare and how to apply foundation properly. I also started to love different textures of skin and foundations. In the past I have always wanted to be as matte as possible and I piled on the powder to achieve the uber matte look, I also hated my freckles and any type or form of imperfections.
Today I am not like that, I love sheer coverage, seeing my freckles through the foundation is the most beautiful thing I know and I absolutely freaking love a glowy skin! Of course I also love the matte look, but Im just getting bored of it now, its everywhere and everyone looks pretty much the same. So I have gathered information about my new routine and summoned it in to a little blog post and a quick video 🙂 so here ya go!


I start by cleaning my face with a little bit of cleanser on a cotton pad, just in case there is any dirt or grime on my face before I begin the process. Then I apply my moisturiser and screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-14-43-35massage it in to my skin, If I have any dry spots I apply a little bit more product to those and really concentrate on getting them to appear less dry, always let the moisturiser sink in to the skin for 2-3 minutes before you continue. Once the moisturiser has had time to sink in to your skin you can apply primer, the primer will make all pores and fine lines appear smaller so your skin will get a better texture and foundation will stay on for longer.

Once the skin care stuff is done you can get your foundation ready, I usually have to mix MAC face and body to my MAC Matchmaster 1.5 to make it light enough for my skin, but when I have fake tan on it is a pretty similar shade. I like to apply my foundation with a duo fibre brush and I start in the middle of my face and blend out towards the edges, that way I get a light coverage with the first layer, but I can build it up if I want. In the video I use L.A Girls Pro Concealer in Natural and Porcelain, I blend them together so Im not using a concealer too light for my skin, I do however try to put more of the Natural (pink toned) under my eyes to cancel out the blueness and a good mixture of both on spots and other imperfections.

Then I apply powder to all the areas where I do not want to be shiny, under my eyes, on
and around my nose, my forehead and chin, then I go over the other areas with the
leftovers that are in the brush. I contour my face with the MAC bronzer, making sure I go a little bit above the hollows of my cheeks, because my face is round I want to make my cheeks appear a bit smaller, make sure to blend the colour in to your hairline so it doesn’t look weird! I also apply the bronzer on my temples and under my chin…. I don’t like my double chin …. better start doing something about that. Then I apply the most gorgeous blush I have ever seen in my life! I do a little smile and pop it on the apples of my cheeks, but blending a little towards my hairline.

Then I go on to highlighting my face, I didn’t want to do a bright white highlight so I went for the Tan shade in my Gleamtones: Dunes at dusk powder from MAC, I applied it to my cheekbones, above my eyebrows, on my cupids bow and on the bridge of my nose. Now all we gotta do is fill in those awful brows! I found a very light shade in my morphe palette that I could use, I put it on my brush and flicked it through my brows 🙂


And That is it! such an easy beautiful lightweight foundation routine.

  1. Moisturiser – MAC Studio Moisture Creme
  2. Primer – Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water.
  3. Foundation – MAC Matchmaster 1.5
  4. Concealer – L.A Girl Pro Concealer Natural & Porcelain.
  5. Powder – Blot Powder
  6. Bronzer – MAC Matte Bronzer
  7. Blush – MAC Blush All Day
  8. Highlight – MAC Gleamtones Powder Dunes at dusk
  9. Brows – Morphe 35W #10 (or any light brown eyeshadow)

Hope you like it! 😀


xoxo Ágústa Sif






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