MOOD Makeup School | Week #3

Happy Sunday peeps!

Happy girl over here right now! I found out that I am moving with Jökull closer to all the service that he requires so I am THRILLED! no more 30 minute drives i the morning and evening! Now I will be able to walk him to school and oh my god I save so much money on petrol!
But the Sunday posts aren’t about that now are they? I have another update on my makeup School journey today. I can’t tell you how happy I am at that school, my group is awesome and the teachers are amazing! I have been learning so much that I didn’t know before and I have started to love other textures than matte! So this is my week in a very short summarisation.

Monday – Bridal
Our first and only session about bridal makeup, I wish we had atleas 1-2 more because this is makeup where you really need to pamper your client, the skin needs to be perfect and the eye makeup needs to be immaculate. I just felt like one class wasn’t enough. I had a new fellow student as a model, Harpa (not the teacher) and we  kind of killed it, I had a little bit of trouble with the techniques required but I usually can wiggle my way out of a situation like that and I did a good job.

Tuesday & Wednesday – Hairstyles
Well this is a field of landmines where I should not be walking, because I just can’t do hair! I did manage to educate myself on hair products and how to use hair appliances but I seriously didn’t know what the hell I was doing when it came to hairdo’s  and felt very very bad about myself for a hot minute haha! But I managed to pull through in the end with a little guidance from our teacher Fía! Thank god for her! So I guess I am a little more confident in the hair department, but I don’t think I will pursue a career as a hair stylist anytime soon!

Thursday – Model Session | Bridal + hair
Ok so, usually I am pretty nervous during my modelling sessions… but this time I wanted to quit and go home! I was so nervous because my model Sandra is a makeup artist, a good one as well … CRAP! ….. and I was a model for her once … and I was doing bridal makeup AND HAIR! …. two things that Im not very confident doing! But I pulled through, It’s definitely not my best work but I am really happy with it non the less, I was doing categories that I really am not great at and I did my best, thats all I can do while Im still learning and practicing. The things I will change next time is that I would apply more eyeliner and do better work on the skin, I only have the basic skincare stuff in my kit at the moment, next time I will take more care of the appearance of the skin and have the eyeliner better. But I really am happy with it, it looks natural, sweet, and a bit 50’s with the little hair swoop! 

So that is my third week of MOOD MAKEUP SCHOOL! I cannot believe that I am almost half way through! and I have never skipped a class or been sick, Im very proud of myself at the moment, life is really good right now and I want it to stay like this! Only 5 weeks until I get my diploma now and I can’t wait! but I do have 2 tests at the end and I need to prepare a sketchbook eek! If you have any ideas for me that would be really appreciated!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday and I will see you on Tuesday with a new blog post 😉 see ya then!

xoxo Ágústa Sif



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