MOOD Makeup School | Week #2

Hi guys!


Since I promised to update you on how my Makeup school is going I thought it would be great to have weekly posts about it on Sundays, I usually have nothing to do during the weekend so I can keep myself entertained for about an hour or so writing a blog about my week 🙂

Monday -Skincare
We learned about the different skin types, how we should handle them and what products work best for each one! There wasn’t much more to the Monday class, we mostly just chatted and had a look at all the products we could use and learned how to care for our skin as well as prep skin for clients, we didn’t need to do any makeup because we were strictly learning about skin care that night.

Tuesday- Lips & Eyebrows
We met a new teacher, Sigrún I think her name is, I can’t remember exactly but it started with an S! anyways we learned how to apply lipliner and lipstick two ways, normally and sharp (fashion, the lips are very pointy). img_2485Eva and I were paired together again, which was very nice because we were each others first practice models!So she did my lips two way, one classic red lip and another dark purple sharp lip! I had trouble with the red lip *smh* I kept overdrawing Eva’s lips… she doesn’t need it at all her lips are amazing! So I finally got it right and took a picture 🙂 then surprisingly I did very well and found the Sharp lip a lot easier to do! Maybe its because its not the norm and I lke edgy stuff…. mmmmaybe not. The eyebrow bit was very interesting! I learned so many new things today and am definitely changing my routine now!

Wednesday- Contour & Highlight
New day new lesson, I learned how to contour a face properly, and found out that the way I have done it for years… is not wrong but its not right at all, don’t trust youtube you guys! I got a new partner in crime, Magga, she is a doll! such a lovely sweet girl and so much fun to hang around with. We practiced on each other and I think we did a good job! We mostly just had fun chatting with each other about the Justin Bieber concert that was going on thursday evening 😉

Thursday- Model session | Beauty makeup
My first proper model session, every Thursday we have to bring a model with us to practice on, we have to look, talk, act and work like a professional Makeup artist, it is basically preparing us for the real job after we graduate. I was really nervous because I never had to do this professionally, and I do take this very seriously, this is what I’ve wanted for 10 years and its finally happening… I will take it seriously! My model, Auður, was running a bit late so the other girls started before I did..only two minutes before tho!img_2509 My model wasn’t insanely late! When she arrived I just did my thing, we chatted about whats been happening lately whilst I worked and it was such a great feeling, although Auður is a really good friend of mine I still felt a bit nervous because she was my first proper model! And I didn’t want to mess it up and make her look awful! But it actually turned out great! I finished her makeup after 60-65 minutes (we had a timer on us!) and Þóra (teacher) liked what I did although I did do minor mess ups, left side lower lip was drawn a bit lower than the right side and the liner wasn’t as symmetrical as it could have been, I also was supposed to do her hair, but I am so bad at doing hair so I just left it for now, there will be a class about hair next week, so I’ll have a few things by then up my sleeve. But other than that I was happy, my teacher was happy and my model was happy :D. So Auður could leave after an hour in the chair, I cleaned my station up and I left maybe 1,5 hrs after I arrived!


This is my second week overview at MOOD Makeup School, I really enjoy it there and I hope I pass with flying colours. only 6 weeks left and well see how I did 😀

xoxo Ágústa Sif

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