MOOD | Week #1 & Starter Kit

Hi you guys!

So I wanted to share with you what I got for my Makeup School starter kit and also tell you a little bit how my first week was.
If you have read my blog you will know I am going to MOOD makeup school in Iceland, I am taking the evening course because I am also attending another school during the day. IMG_1148The school was founded in 2011 so it is a relatively new one, but has been a very popular school since it was founded. They also have relations with MAC Cosmetics and teaches by using their products.
My first day was Monday the 29th of august, I don’t think I’ve ever been this anxious in
quite a while, I was thinking about not going but my sister called me and persuaded me to go. We just learned a little bit about the school and our teacher Harpa, she is such an amazing teacher and a wonderful warm girl, she works mostly in advertisements and TV.
We also told everyone in our group who we were and why we wanted to study at MOOD. Then we got our kits which included everything on this list except the concealers which we got the night after.
MOOD Starter Kit:
° Leopard Suitcase.
° MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover.
° MAC Duo Sided Sharpener.
° MAC Studio Moisture Cream.
° MAC Matchmaster Foundation – 1.5
° MAC Matchmaster Foundation – 4.0
° L.A Girl Pro Concealer – Porcelain.
°L.A Girl Pro Concealer – Natural.
° MAC Matte Bronzing Powder.
° MAC Pressed Blot Powder – Medium.
° MAC Pro Longwear Blush – Blush All Day.
° MAC Paint Pot – Painterly.
° MAC Eyeshadow Palette – x15 / Cool Neutral ( Flounce, Sweet Allure, Sun Tweaked, After Dusk, Blackberry, Pick Me Up, Cozy Grey, Crushed Clove, Deception, Brun, Silver Fog, French Clay, Cumulus, Pearled Earth, Black Tied ).
° MAC Zoom Lash Mascara – Zoomblack.
° MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline – Blacktrack.
° MAC Lipstick – Blankety.
° MAC Lipstick – Russian Red.
° MAC Lipliner – Whirl.
° MAC Lipliner – Cherry.
° MAC Eye Kohl – Teddy.
° MAC Eye Kohl – Smolder.
° MAC Brush #130
° MAC Brush #168
° MAC Brush #224
° MAC Brush #239
° MAC Brush #208
° MAC Brush #210
° MAC Brush #316

Second day was a lot better, I wasn’t as anxious to go there as I was the day before. I learned a little about the skin types and how to prep the skin before makeup application, we got our concealers today. Harpa also used one girl of the group as a model to show us how to apply foundation, shading with bronzer and blush. Then we worked in pairs to practice what we just learned, Me and Eva modeled for each other and I was so nervous because I had never done anyones makeup who didn’t have the same skin colour as I did (Eva is Vietnamese, moved to Iceland and then moved to Denmark), when we finished we decided to do a little eyeshadow practice as well even though we were just learning about the basic skin routines. It was a lot of fun and I don’t know why I was so worried about screwing her makeup up, but she looked stunning! We did a great job on each other and learned a lot.

Third day was really easy for me because I was working on my own makeup so I didn’t have IMG_1163to worry about making someone else look weird! We learned more about basic skincare and basic foundation routine, as well as basic eye shading. Once I finished I was allowed to go and the teacher thought I did a good job!
On the fourth day I was a little more nervous beause I knew I would have a new model, with
a new skin type/colour and eye shape.
We also got a new teacher Þóra who is equally as lovely as Harpa. Þóra works at the theatre and does fashion shows in Scandinavia.
She taught us, eye shading an how to apply eyeliner.
I got paired with Sunna who is actually studying hair at the same school Im at. I was really happy with the look I did on her, the teacher liked it also, although I could have done more shading underneath the eye.
IMG_1170That is my first week of MOOD Makeup School I only go there 4 nights a week, which is both nice and sad haha, Nice because I have more time for my family for one extra day, sad because I just want to be there all the time! I love it there!
Hope you liked this blog post, if you did like share and whatnot 🙂 also check out my social media for more updates 🙂
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Lots of love
-Ágústa Sif

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