A dream come true <3

Make your passion your paycheck.

Someone once said, and that is exactly what I’m about to do! I have always dreamt of going to makeup school and becoming a certified makeup artist, but it never seemed like the right time. I started doing my own makeup for real when I was around 14 years old, and I started with a baby blue eyeshadow and a mascara I had a hard time controlling! Before that I used to sneak into my older sisters room and try all of her makeup, I remember how confusing it was, I had no idea what product was meant for what.

I first started thinking about a career in makeup when I was 15-16 , at that time I was doing my friends makeup all the time and they would encourage me to think about Makeup school. I really wanted to, but I wasn’t old enough and certainly didn’t have the money for it at that age. Years passed and I kept learning more and more about makeup, application and over all beauty via the internet, books and my own mistakes. But I never was the right time and I was always broke! Stuck in a job with no future and hours that wouldn’t be good for me as a student, but I always had the “I will go to makeup school one day” mindset so I wasn’t really in any hurry, I knew it was going to happen just not when I was this busy.

In 2012 I had my son, which made thing a little bit harder, I was broker than ever and had debts that I have just finished paying off 4 years later! But when he got older I could go to makeup school, It wouldn’t be so hard to manage that would it? In 2013 my son was diagnosed with Autism and  quite a bad visual impairment….so things got a lot more harder than they were before, I have to take time off from school/work every 6 weeks ( 1-2 hours at a time ) x2 a year I need to take a whole day off from 9-12 to have meetings with the diagnostic center, every week I need to take 1 hours off to take him to speech therapy and he also needs to have some of his medical checkups with anesthesia, which requires me to take 1-2 days off while he has them done and recovers from the drugs.

My health hasn’t been in the best shape since my son was born 4 years ago, I started doubting myself to the verge that I thought all the compliments I got were just to make me feel better about myself, I really believed I wasn’t good enough to do anything with my life. But things have gotten better after I went to a 18 month mental health rehabilitation, I met 18 wonderful girls who shared my fears and became my best friends, I realised that people actually care about me and that I am talented. These girls also encouraged me to go to Makeup school and beat it in to my head that I could do it! I also managed to get out of that huge ass debt! woohoo! In the early months of 2016 (I think) I thought, Fu*k it! Im signing up! I can’t afford it but at least I am signing up! I signed up to 2-3 different makeup schools here in Iceland and all of them were full, so I asked to be put on the waiting list, and I just waited, and kind of forgot that I signed up for these!

Tuesday the 2nd of August I got a text “Hi Ágústa, we have a spot available for you If you’re still interested” WORST TIME EVER! I had just bought a car with the help of my lovely sister Anna Margrét and I still had 2 months left of the payments! I took to facebook to vent…as you do, writing “Great! a Makeup school contacts me exactly when I have no money at all !” and my sister starts snooping about this makeup school, thank god. She offers to loan me the money for it and I would pay her back monthly! Lets just say I cried my eyes out that day…

Now I am officially going to a Makeup school to become a certified Makeup artist! A 10 year old dream is finally happening! I am taking evening classes because of my other school, I will be extremely busy from 29th of August to November ish, Im going to need alot of help during this time oh my god. Of course I will update you on how school is going, post pictures of my projects and tell you about the school, I am so excited but nervous at the same time, Im very afraid of becoming too tired and stressed out! Im gonna do it! I have to! I’ve already paid it!

xoxo Ágústa Sif


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