10 Facts about me <3


Hey guys another little Chit-Chat type blog post from me today 🙂
I just wanted to do a quick tag that I have seen all over the blog-world, and maybe you will get to know me a little better 🙂 There was so much more I could have mentioned but we’ll get to know each other with time!
  1. I love Guinea Pigs.
  2. when I was 6-13 years old I used to sneak in to my big sisters bedroom and play with her makeup, she was a makeup artist and I looked up to her so much, when she came home I ran out of her room as fast as I could so she wouldn’t see the mess I made on my face! …. she always did see though.
  3. I am a mother of a 4 year old Autistic boy who I love oh so much.
  4. I LOVE to sing and I hope and I have been told I am a good singer.
  5. My favourite films are the Jurassic Park films and Jurassic World.
  6. I am terrified of the Ocean!
  7. I am addicted to Coca Cola Zero.
  8. I am obsessed with writing lists.
  9. I am a nervous wreck and get stressed very easily!
  10. I never keep my New years resolutions.


If you have done this tag or are going to do it, comment the social media you’re posting it on so I can have a look ❤


xoxo Ágústa Sif

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