Five Product Makeup

Hey guys!

I was browsing the web and stumbled across a “Tag” of some sorts where people do a makeup look with only five products! I thought this was such an interesting thing to do because nowadays young influential children and young people are under the impression that you need to look like you are constantly airbrushed, I have also seen many many many young girls(mainly girls but I bet boys struggle with this as well) feeling insecure because they scroll down their “insert social media here!” and see all these GORGEOUS women who look like goddesses who live the perfect, happy life.

But these kids and teenagers can’t see what goes on behind this picture, the lighting is immaculate, they have used at least 5 products on their face if not more (moisturiser,primer,foundation, concealer, powder, contour ,bronzer, highlight,blush, eyebrows), they use at least 4 products on their eyes alone (primer, x2-x4 shades of eyeshadow,IMG_2164 eyeliner, mascara, eyelashes). If you think about it, this is a lot of makeup!
Don’t get me wrong I love makeup and sometimes I will slap it on like my life depends on it and it is beautiful and I LOVE it when I have heavy makeup on, I definitely don’t mean to sound judgmental, but do we really need all of this? Because it doesn’t stop there oh no! once the perfect picture is taken at the perfect angle these photos are not good enough yet! They are put in to Photoshop or another program/app where you can completely rid yourself of any type or form of reality. When you scroll down *Insert the social media back here* don’t you almost every time come across a picture of a gorgeous woman who you look at and you just think, wow she really likes her Gaussian blur don’t she?
These softwares, apps and whatnots are great to work with but oh my god no one looks that smooth in real life, it doesn’t look good either it looks like plastic. I am for sure guilty of that, I have taken a perfectly fine picture, but its not good enough, there is a spot there, there is shine on my nose, my freckles are too many, my skin has a dry spot, my pores are there! And how dare I not be perfect!? I am supposed to be PERFECT! thats what we are being told.

Wow I went on to a little ramble then! Im going to dive in to this tag because I think it is brilliant! …. I am soooooo gonna photoshop the pictures in this post btw…. because I am too self-conscious not to!



The Tag;
So I chose these products to work with and I have added an explanation of why I would use these products.

Concealer; To hide blemishes and highlight under my eyes.
Powder; to even out my skin tone and also to matte my face!
Eyebrow pencil; because my brows are shit!
Mascara; I feel like no makeup look is completed without a mascara
Lipstick; I can use it as a lipstick and a blush.


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