Beauty Wishlist <3

Good day my precious!

Today is just going to be a chit-chatty day, I like many people always have a wishlist of things that I want in my life. We all do in some aspect, it’s not always material things. We work hard on our own happiness and wish that we achieve it, we want world peace, we want our family and friends to be healthy and happy and so on. Us as humans also want material things like the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit collection,a PS4, a house or an apartment, and that is ok! We’re human and we want many things wether it be material or not. I did not intend this blog post to be about materialism but I kinda just rambled on to that subject!

I want to write down my wish list of material things, there are so much I want in my vanity and I have been window shopping for about 2 months now! Lets get on with it!


I always want to add to my makeup collection, I love having a lot of things to choose from and, its fun to window shop for ages and then finally be able to add those items to your life!

Anastasia Beverly Hills;
Beauty Blender;


L.A Girl;



Lit Cosmetics;


Makeup Geek;
Makeup Geek Sparklers ❤
Z Palette;


There are so many more products I want in the makeup section, but lately i have been putting these products in my shopping bag when i am window shopping.

Skin Care

I can’t say my speciality is skin care, I am very lazy when it comes to this and it does come down on my skin. I didnt choose many thing for this category but there are a couple brands that I want to test out.

First Aid Beauty;
Mario Badescu;
Acne Starter Kit

Hair Care & Styling

I have been thinking a lot about my hair lately, I like to be able to change my style a lot but I never have the tools or material for it. So I really want to get loads of hair care products and tools 😀

Babyliss Pro;




Sexy Hair;


That is it for my beauty wishlist, I don’t think I will achieve having all of these in my life by the end of the year, because this wish list was not cheap at all! But I might place an order soon to use in a future blog/video

Whats your wishlist like?


xoxo Ágústa







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