Hair Journey 2011-2016 <3

Hey you guys

I just had my hurr did! do you like?



Todays topic is hair, and mainly my hair journey, from the ups, downs and the WTF DID YOU DO!? I have always preferred myself blonde, I have that Icelandic mouse brown coloured hair naturally, its not an ugly colour, I just feel like it suits me better to be blonde, or at least not very dark.Since I was a teenager I have switched between dark hair and blonde hair.


Im going to start the tale of my “hurr” in the year 2010, when I was 19 years old and the fashion was a bit extreme. Black or white, there were no other colours for hair!

2011 January-May ish, Very blonde hair with 20″ extensions and a fringe

This year I had gone multiple times to the hairstylist to bleach my hair, to the point of seethrough (it was quite white aaand a bit yellow though eugh) and I also had VERY long extensions put in, I loved this look for me back then, and I still love the extensions but geeze this was not fun when I ripped the extensions out and got bald spots and thin hair that was WAY shorter than before the extensions! After that I dyed my hair a dark brown colour and didnt go blonde again until the next year.

2011 August- September ish, 20 weeks pregnant and my hair is in a bun but it rests on my shoulders when its not up.


I am not really sure what happened but somehow I went blonde again before I had my son in march. 2 or 3 months later I dyed my hair back to a dark brown and I dyed it black just a few months later! 401208_101837693318030_364349664_n

Guess what happened in september that year!? I went a light reddish brown colour and cut my hair to my shoulders…. 2012 was the year of changes! because you know what!? in November-is …. I SHAVED HALF OF MY HAIR OFF! I do not reccomend that! atleast not by yourself, just get a professional to do it! I hated it so much that I didnt take any pictures of me when I was half bald…. it just looked so nasty and not like me at all!


This is the year of awkward hairstyles that you have to deal with because you shaved half of your hair off! once my hair got long enough that I thought I could get away with cutting the other half the same length as the very short one, I went to my Aunties who saved my hair! I still didn’t like it….I just don’t like short hair on me! it has to be below my ears for me to at least be ok with it! I decided that while my hair was growing out again I would not touch it with chemicals or scissors until I had it to its previous length! That meant that my hair when it had come down to my shoulders, was a lot healthier than it had been for many many years.  I think in the last 3 years I have dyed my hair 3-4 times, my hair started growing really quickly after that and before I knew it was below my ears! that was when I decided that it would be a great time to start going blonde again! I ended up as a redhead instead…I actually really like that colour on me though…



Now my hair is at a length that i am fine with! It is down to my shoulders and of course it is blonde jet again! And I have a fringe that I am trying to grow out. Would you believe me when I say it wont stay like that for long? I didn’t think so, you guys are smarter than that! I made it past christmas being blonde!



This year was a little more chilled in the hair department. I managed to stay blonde until april! woohoo! then I dyed my hair a very dark brown colour because I couldn’t afford dying my hair all the time anymore! I have only dyed my hair once between the dark hair 2015 and the blonde-ish hair now! the dark colour started fading with washes and with me using heat appliances on it regularly and finally ended up like it looks in the last photo, the light brown-red colour.



The moment we’ve all been waiting for, this year my hair just started becoming more coppery and red and I was getting tired of how it always looked the same, there was no movement in it and it was boring me!  The ends were also very damaged and ugly looking, so I decided it was time for me to take care of it! I found a new hair salon to go to that is close to where I live and I met with a lovely hair stylist there that was very interested in how I hadn’t cut my hair in such a long time. I wanted to go lighter and get rid of most of the rusty red colour, so I asked her for alot of streaks but I didn’t want them to look too zebra like! I love my hair right now! it feels so healthy and I love the caramel blonde colour! I will definately go back to get it a little more blonde but for now this is awesome!


My god I feel so sorry for my poor hair! Hope you enjoyed this hair journey post! I really want to know if you have ever done something stupid to your hair? or if you have ever thought something looked really good but later on you think “what was I thinking” ?


xoxo Ágústa Sif







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