Unlabelled Palettes | Morphe Mini Guide

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This blog post is hopefully a mini guide on all those colours in a makeup palette that cannot be identified! The best example of these are the Morphe palettes, I love their products but I hate that they don’t name or label their eyeshadows that are in the palettes they sell. I don’t know about you but it annoys me a little bit when I am writing a blog or doing a video, that I have to show and point and say what number in the palette the eyeshadow is, this can create a lot of confusion and takes longer time than if they had a name for the colours.
At least it does for me, and sometimes I have a hard time explaining things or when I explain something it doesn’t come out the way I planned, I can be a mess sometime! you will probably experience that someday haha… or in this blog even.

Instead of just saying what Morphe palette you’re using and the name of the shadow, you need to show it for a long time so people can actually see which colour you are talking about and some people count the shadows horizontally from the left to the right, others vertically and I think even more people count them from the right to the left.IMG_1710

That is anyones preference really, but I want to have it clear that when I am using a palette I always count from the top left to the right, then I go to the second row and count left to the right. I just want this to be clear because when I was thinking about doing a blog earlier, I had a lot of Morphe 35N – colour # 15, 16,1,2 and so on, and I felt like I was confusing myself, so I thought it would be best to get this blog over with so If people get confused by my counting like myself haha. They can look at this and say to themselves “oh I get it now… jeez she makes it sound like rocket science”. So I have taken a few pictures to explain myself further, and you will see these pictures here below.

My palettes and how I number the colours.

With most palettes I am really simple and count  horizontally, left to right. There is nothing more to it, most palettes don’t color coordinate in a weird way so I can almost always count this way. But I do have one palette that I sometimes have trouble with! That is the NN Cosmetics palette and it is colour coordinated vertically. I am a person of routine, I am not keen on changing things up so when I use this palette I confuse myself a lot. But more about that palette when we get further down this post.

Morphe 35N palette
Morphe 35N eyeshadow palette.
Morphe 35W palette
Morphe 35W eyeshadow palette.
Coastal Scents Lip palette
Coastal Scents 32 Lip palette.
NN Cosmetics Palette.

As you can see the NN Cosmetics Palette is a 2 tier eyeshadow palette, btw excuse how messy it is! It was a nightmare to try to clean. It is also colour coordinated vertically, so all the yellow shades are in a row downwards, all the blues, reds, purples and so on are all in this type of a setup. Remember how I said I was a woman of routine? Yes this messes with my head, I instantly want to count left to right but my colour coding skills say “NAH! count vertically each colour!”. I haven’t got a plan for this one yet, because I just can’t deal with it! haha I am a little bit insane when it comes to these things aren’t I? …. yikes.


I hope this post will clear up any type of confusion that might have happened on this blog otherwise, if its making you more confused….I’m so sorry.


xoxo Ágústa Sif

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