Gosh Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Good evening sweethearts.


I want to talk about the Gosh Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks. If you have read my blog before, you have probably seen an old haul from when I got my first 3 colours, if you haven’t seen it you can read it HERE.

My First Gosh Lipsticks.IMG_1517
I got my first Gosh lipsticks in January this year when there was a tax free sale on
cosmetics in Hagkaup (thats kind of a store like Asda in the UK), I have been using these for about 6 months now and I think it is time that I mention them in a blog.
The first colors I got were 001 Baby Lips , 003 Antique and 005 Classic Red. I have fallen in love with these lipsticks, I get complimented a lot, any time I wear them, especially when I am wearing Antique! That one has always been my fave of the three,IMG_1523 they are really close to the MAC Matte lipsticks in texture and smell, although they do seem to have
different kind of fragrances and formula to each other, for example Antique smells more like chocolate but Baby lips and Classic Red smell like the Mac lipsticks and a little more fruity.
Maybe my mind is playing a trick on me since Antique is a brown shade and therefor my head thinks it should have a chocolate scent.


These lipsticks are very stiff when they are fresh out of the packaging and you are using them for the first time, for a few seconds you might think you have bought a plastic lipstick that is only for show, but that will pass. Once you get through the tough, unused layer these lipsticks are very creamy when you apply them to your lips, they feel almost identical to MAC lipsticks.IMG_1651When they start drying on your lips the texture and feeling gets a tiny bit stiffer, although the lipstick always stays creamy. The Gosh matte lipsticks never become completely dry so the matte effect isn’t quite like liquid lipsticks (Sahara desert) but it does give your lips a lovely matte effect non the less, some shades don’t have the full on matte effect but they are not shiny either! On the bottom of this blog post you can see swatches where you will see what I mean, some of them do have a tiny shine. They also never feel like chalk on your lips which is great for me because I hate having dry lips, its so uncomfortable. The Gosh lipsticks just feel like moisturising goodness.

Back for more.IMG_1693

A few months after I got my first 3 shades, my boyfriend Adam treated me to 5 new colours!!! (thanks a bunch babe! … can we go again!?)
I hadn’t opened the new ones before this blog post because I wanted to get good pictures of the lipsticks unused for the blog…im crazy. But now I finally have the time off school so I can blog more than I used to, and I am taking that opportunity right now to show you these. So when I got my second batch, I got the following colours: 004 Coral, 006 Raspberry, 008 Plum, 009 Sweetness and last but not least 011 Nougat.
I wanted to get a wide range of colours so I could create many different type of looks, I tend to go for the baby pinks and nudes a lot! So I sometimes feel like I don’t have any colour in my vanity!IMG_1694 But that has changed now, finally. I still haven’t got my hands on the full range of colours but I do believe I have half of the shades they carry. As I said earlier, I feel like some of the colours have a different formula to each other,in the sense that some of them are more matte than the others and some of them go on streaky and patchy. My disappointing colours were Sweetness and Plum. They just didn’t feel like the other ones and they are not as pigmented. Sweetness is a very light colour and it isn’t really matte, plus it applied streaky on to my lips. Plum was a nightmare! It is not as dark as you think it will be, it goes on streaky and patchy, its just a nightmare to work with.


Although I had a few disappointments with the new colours I still think the range is worth buying. And even though I am not happy with two of the lipsticks I will still use them because I spent money on them, I really think I can make them work even though they are not the best of the bunch. These lipsticks are cheap but still great quality that I will dare to resemble with the ever so amazing MAC lipsticks, and I do believe they are a great alternative for those. They also smell very nice and feel amazing on the lips, they don’t last for a long time but you are paying for what you get.


I am really curious to know what is your favourite shades of these and also if you have ever tried any other GOSH products that you would recommend to me?

I would love to know what you thought about this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it, I love writing for you guys.


xoxo Ágústa Sif

6 thoughts on “Gosh Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

  1. realwonderland says:

    I love the colors! The lipsticks look really amazing! Do you know how much they are and where I can get them? 🙂
    Be sure to check out my blog and maybe also give me a follow 😉 realwonderlandblog.wordpress.com/
    xoxo Larissa


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