How to clean your brushes<3


Good morning guys! Or good evening…depending on when you are reading this!

Today I want to go through how I clean my brushes, the method and what soaps I use.
This is what works best for me and i have never had any problems so far, but if you use another method that is great! do tell me about it in the comments!
I will warn you right now, I hate cleaning my brushes, it is an awful chore that takes a lot of time and patience which…surprise I don’t have much of! I seriously would not do it, but my skin depends on it *sigh*.

On the pictures below you can see my beautiful, but disgustingly dirty makeup brushes!

aren’t they pretty!? they do look better on camera I have to say!

What Soaps and Tools do I use?

1.Fairy  washing up liquid; I highly recommend using this soap on those brushes you just can’t seem to get spotless again! I have never had problems using this soap and I know many people who use this soap every time they clean their brushes and swear by it!

2. Baby shampoo; A great substitute for a special brush soap! It is delicate enough for your brushes but also works great on getting rid off the dirt!

These are the soaps and tools I use when cleaning my makeup brushes 1-2 a week.

3. RT Deep Cleansing Gel; A special soap for your brushes, it is very delicate, and unfortunately I can’t say it is my favourite to use but it does the job with the brushes that you only use for light powders.

4. Garnier Eye Make-up remover 2in1; An absolute must when you are cleaning brushes that have been used for thick cream products like theatre makeup! also great for lip brushes and the ones the Fairy won’t clean properly!

5. Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette; I only got this two weeks ago and I don’t know how anyone can live without one of these! They make the job so much easier and your hands won’t feel numb and dry after being soaked in water and soap for an hour!

My brushes before

Cleaning Your Brushes Step By Step

  1. Start by getting all your used and dirty brushes together and wet the hairs.
    be careful not to use hot water because that will soften the glue that keeps your brush together and it might ruin your brush! also try not to get any water close to the shaft of the brush, even if its cold, it can soften the glue or it can get trapped and start moulding. ALWAYS HOLD YOUR BRUSH WITH THE HAIRS TURNING DOWNWARDS! AND DO NOT SUBMERGE THE BRUSH IN WATER!
  2. Add soap to your brushes.
    I always start with the RT brush soap because it is a very mild soap that is made to clean brushes. I have to say I don’t really like the soap, because it is so mild, but it does do the job if you have patience (remember I don’t have that).IMG_1127.jpg
  3. Circle the brush on a cleaning mat or a cleaning egg.
    Sigma cleaning mat, the Real Techniques cleaning mat or a cleaning egg from eBay? doesn’t matter what you use but these gadgets will make this so much easier! your hands wont look horrible or feel horrible after all that soap!
  4. Towel dry your brushes.
    Yes before you go on! Circle your brushes on a clean dry towel to get as much water out of them before you hang them up to dry, sometimes you need to squeeze a little water out but be careful not to change the shape of your brush.
  5. Wash you brushes again! YES I MEAN IT! Don’t you have that brush that just won’t get clean no matter what?, well the next few steps are for those ones!
    When you have a few brushes that just won’t get clean with a special mild brush soap, it is time to call in the heavy artillery.

– Try Baby shampoo; I have tried baby shampoo before and it was ok, not as good as the other tips I have, but it does work for the easy brushes.

– Try Fairy or other dish soap; Dish soap is amazing when it comes to cleaning brushes that come in contact with creme products or oil based products, because the dish soap is designed to dissolve fatty food stains on cutlery and plates, I always delude my dish soap and it works like magic! and for those who say that it can’t be good for your skin, if you can eat and drink things that have been in contact with dish soap, this shouldn’t affect your skin at all, you do rinse it off of course.

– Use makeup remover; MY HOLY GRAIL! Once you’ve used all the soaps on those 3 brushes that just collect the makeup and won’t let it go ( eyeliner, foundation and lip brushes AM I RIGHT!?) use makeup remover! I use either the NIVEA or the GARNIER two coloured removers and it is insanely effective! My brushes ar spotless if I use them!

  • Rinse your brushes under running water and swirl them on your cleansing mat or on your palm if you don’t have a mat.
    remember not to get water near the shaft of the brushes, and do not submerge your brushes in water!
  • Towel dry your brushes again
    You remember…squeeze a little, circle them around on a dry towel.
  • Hang your brushes upside down to dry(or lay them flat).
    I use my RT traveling cases to hang my brushes upside down to dry, it is a great way to prevent water damaging your brushes!


In 30 min-2 hours depending on how well you dried them with the towel, your brushes should be completely dry, and ready to be put back in to their display/holder or you can even use them!
Thank you so much for stopping by if you have any questions or would like to tell me how you clean your brushes please leave it in a comment below! Id love to see what you use 😀

Lots of love

-Ágústa Sif

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