HUGE MAC HAUL<3 Vibe Tribe, Lipsticks + More


Hello Beauties! [Picture Album at the bottom of the page!]

Yes I am back! I know I haven’t been active lately but I´ve had to take a few months off just to take care of personal things 🙂 before I start this huge ass haul! I’m just going to mention that I posted a video on my Youtube channel on Monday “Foundation routine + Everyday Makeup look” please check it out and give me a like and a subscribe lovelies!<3 I have also uploaded a video of this haul which you can watch now on my Youtube Channel! its basically called “MAC Haul | itsagustasif” 😀 there I go a little more into the products and show you swatches 🙂


Anyways lets get this show on the road! Earlier in the month my cousin Eydís went abroad to the UK and she was so kind and gorgeous to hook me up with a few bits and bobs from MAC, I spent way more than I intended to but when you can get MAC for a lot cheaper than you can get it in your own country…. you take the advantage of it! Who cares about rent? and what the hell is food for!?

MAC bag full of goodies!

Funny thing before we carry on with this post… Ive never really had any MAC products… I have only bought myself 2 products from them EVER! Yes I know shocking, its such a popular brand, but I am a bargain beauty at heart! And on my 25th birthday my cousin gave me a pigment(Kitschmas) and a lipstick(Silly) from MAC, So that is 4 products Ive ever had from MAC until recently.
So what are the two items I have only purchased from MAC? (before this haul obviously!)
-MAC Paint Pot (I can not remember the name of it though, its been more than 7 years!)
-MAC Eye Shadow in Beauty Marked (I still have it and I bought it on the airport in the UK when I was kidnapping my boyfriend!).


My previously owned products from the left: Beauty Marked, Kitschmas & Silly.

Moving on with whats happening now! So my cousin went to MAC for me and picked up the items I had written down for her, when she got back home she got a big hug and won the heart of her cousin, what a gem she is!
I mostly got eye products like Eyeshadows, Pigments, eyeshadow palettes but I also splurged on some lipsticks and a highlighter, I think I´ll go from least interesting to most interesting (in my opinion) so its just over with!

JPEG image-AE1A63645F44-1

  1. Brushes;
    Ive always wanted MAC brushes but they are really expensive over here and I´ve never had the money to get them, but since Eydís went to London and she has a MAC PRO card she could get them for 30% less or something, well it was ridiculously cheaper! I got 3 brushes, I was going to get more but they weren’t well stocked at the time Eydís went there, but she managed to get me the gorgeous MAC 224, 239 & 221.IMG_1010
  2. Paint Pots;
    I used to have a paint pot from MAC when I was like 16-18 I really can’t remember, but I really liked it but I never got around to buying myself another one, so I just got Eydís to pick two up for me! I wasn’t sure what one would be the best for me so I got two, very different ones one in “Soft Ochre” which is a yellow based matte base and “Bare Study” which looks like its more pink toned and is gorgeously shimmered!
  3. Eyeshadows
    I have heard amazing things about the MAC eyeshadows, and people often say they would never go back to any other brand when it comes to these shadows, so of course I needed to see what I was missing, because that 4 year old Beauty Marked of mine …. it aint that good anymore! (i mean of course…its gone off). So I got myself 4 pressed shadows in Steamy, All That Glitters, White Frost & Stars ´N´Rockets
  4. Pigments
    After receiving a pigment from Eydís for my birthday, I just fell in love with them, they are so amazing to work with and you can do so many things with them, you wouldn’t believe it, I got myself 4 new pigments in the shades Tan, Melon, Vanilla & Platinum

    MAC pigments from the left; Vanilla, Platinum, Melon & Tan
  5. Vibe Tribe
    I had to have it! This is the only time I´ve ever gotten excited for a limited line from any brand! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, it is a Aztec/Native American theme and I love it so much! I have always been fascinated by ancient cultures like the Aztecs, Native Americans and of course Ancient Egypt so I really wanted this range, an it is beautiful! These are the products I was the most excited to receive and I can not wait to try the products. I purchased x2 eyeshadow quartets in “Wild horses” and “Call of The Canyon”, Gleamtones powder in “Dunes at dusk” and x2 Lipsticks in “Arrowhead” and “Pure vanity”
  6. Lipsticks
    Now I lost control right here when I was browsing MAC´s online shop, I wanted to get EVERYTHING! but I settled down for 7 new lipsticks( 9 new lipsticks with the Vibe Tribe ones) check out the pictures at the bottom of this post to see the lipsticks I got and what their names are!


That is all I got from MAC this time if you’d like to see more pictures take a look down here and flip through the pictures 😀 I really hope you enjoyed this haul, I sure loved writing this and showing you what I got for my little collection, hopefully it will grow for the next months 🙂 I know I won’t be using this stuff any time soon, I just try to keep my makeup untouched for a long time…. what is that? its a bit weird isn’t it?

Until next time I hope you have a gorgeous day! ❤

-Ágústa Sif



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