New Camera <3 Canon EOS 750D

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to do a really quick update for you since i haven’t been active for four months! I am planning on loads of new blog posts and videos soon, I needed a new camera didn’t I ?So as you guessed I recently bought myself a new camera! YAY! I’m so happy with it, I have wanted this particular camera for YEARS! it is the Canon EOS 750 D, I am still learning how to use it but its getting there 🙂 just a quick heads up for the upcoming posts, since all my pictures will now be ah-mah-zingg! I can’t wait to take loads of pictures with this bad-girl (yes it is a girl because we are badass!) on my holidays or just at home, practicing my photography “skills”.

this post won’t be any longer hehe just wanted to say hi and let you know whats going on 🙂 stay tuned for friday cuz something YUMMY is about to happen!!

lots of love

-Ágústa Sif


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