Happy Summer Lovelies!


Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately I just didn’t feel very creative and spent the whole week playing GTA V on my PS4 that I got for my birthday 🙂 I still don’t feel creative or like I have a Muse by my side, but I feel like writing something.

Today is the first day of summer in Iceland, the weather is getting better everyday … thank god! It has been horrendous! Last year we didn’t even have a summer, we had maybe 2-3 weekends of sun. This year I am hoping for a nice summer. All I want is 15 degrees, sunny with no wind and I will be happy! I really want to go out more, go to cafés and walk down the shopping street, go to the fleamarket and just be more brave haha, u might be wondering why this is something I want to do but I have an anxiety disorder….a few accually and they prevent me to do a lot of things that I desperately want to do, I am currently in rehabilitation working on this and I can already feel a little change 😀 yay!

I don’t have any plans for this summer so far but I might go camping somewhere in the country, I want to make new memories and have fun with my loved ones 🙂 what are your plans for summer?

I also want to get involved with a few DIY projects, like my vanity and stuff, that would be cool to blog about aswell.

anyways I just wanted to have a little chat 🙂 hope to hear from some of yous!

With Lots of love…

– Ágústa Sif

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