Dark FOTD / Cut Crease Practice

Whoop whoop! Hello Gorgeous!


How are you today? If you are asking me the same there on the other end, I am fantastic, I have been in such a great mood for the last week it’s unbeliveable! Today I have been a little busy bee, went to school in the morning and after that I came home and unpacked some boxes, what a diva lifestyle huh!? Today I was feeling quite frisky and adventurous, I wanted to look fierce and didn’t want no normal, natural everyday face of the day, or FOTD, I wanted friskaaay stuff! So of course I whipped out my makeup bag and practised my very first cut crease number, don’t let it fool you! It looks alot easier than it accually is! but I am determined to get it correct and neat! This look of mine is definitely not perfect but I am practicing and practice makes perfect 🙂 plus I think it would be nice to see someone who isn’t a professional Makeup Artist try to learn these looks, and see how they improve…. I hope to do so anyways. Now I can see what about this look could be better and what I am happy with, but I really like this look, its saucy! It’s more of a evening look but I felt like doing this so I did it… EFF the system girls! Well lets not babble on about it here is the step by step and pictures!


#1. Moisturize- L’Oréal Triple Active Fresh
Apply moisturizer to your face and neck in upwards circle motions. Use a gentle touch and apply it upwards(from the neck and up) and out. Be even more gentle around your eyes.

#2.Foundation- Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid
I used a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply this product on my face and neck, patting product on where I felt like I needed a little extra coverage, this foundation is lovely for me at the moment, it is so amazingly smooth, lightweight and looks very nice even after a whole day running around town!

#3.Concealer- L’Oréal True Match Concealer
I dabbed the concealer around and under my eyes in a triangular shape,on blemishes, down my nose and a little on my chin and forehead.

#4.Bronzer/Contour- L’Oréal GlamBronze 03
Using the Contour/Highlight brush from Real Techniques I put the tiniest amount of product on the brush and applied just under my cheekbones, and no further than the iris of my eye. Then I applied the same product on my temples, my jaw and nose.

#5.Powder- Sensai Total Finish 202
Using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush I applied my powder over my face and neck, making sure that the brush was gliding and not buffing my face….lets not ruin all the hard work we just did!

IMG_9959 IMG_9963 IMG_9964

#6.Eyeshadow prep- Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow in white
This eyeshadow I use all the time if I want my eyeshadows to really pop or stick, I find it really useful as a eye primer substitute, I put this product on my brow bone, on my eyelids focusing on the crease and underneath the waterline.

#7.Eyeshadows- NN Cosmetics Palette + L’Oréal Color Appeal Mono in 10 Pure White
For the Eyes I used 3 Real Techniques brushes,Shading brush i used to pat colour on my lids, Deluxe crease brush I used to blend and add shadow to my crease and the Accent brush I used to apply colour under my eye. Start with the L’Oréal shadow, apply in crease and under your brow, now I dont think you can get NN palette anywhere else but Iceland, but then again I am not sure. Start with a beige colour all over your lid, this colour looks kind of like a Café Latte. In the crease and outer corner of my eye i used a dark brown colour to shade where I wanted the black to go. I patted the black over the brown and smudged it underneath my eye, the I blended it, rule of blending to remember, when you think you’re done ….. blend some more.

#8.Eyeliner- Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen in Black + Maybelline Expression Kajal in White
I didn’t want to do a big wing with this look so I did a thin liner with a tiny little flick in the outer corner. On my waterline I used the white pencil.

#9.Mascara- L’oréal False Lash Flutter in black
Simple step, I think everybody likes to do their mascara in their own way, I applied 1 coat using the longer brush bristles on my upper lashes and the shorter bristles on my lower lashes.

#10.Eyebrows- Maxfactor Eyebrow Pencil in Ebony
My eyebrow pencil is waaaaay too dark I know! I just haven’t been able to find a lighter one that doesn’t look too red-ish! If you know of good brow products comment below 🙂 but yeah I filled in my brows where it was needed and softened the pencil with the Real Techniques Lash-Brow Groomer.

#11. Lips- Artdeco Lipliner + MaxFactor Firefly
I lined my lips and smacked lipstick on…. I think you don’t need a walkthrough for that one :’)


And that is that! my very dark FOTD, hope you enjoyed, I like this look alot, although I need too practice more with the cut crease style! will put that on my to do list 😉 Im off for now until next time im going to munch on my huge easter egg that I got for 70% off! yumyum

With Lots of Love…

-Ágústa Sif

4 thoughts on “Dark FOTD / Cut Crease Practice

  1. crankyme91 says:

    You are great at this, i love it!
    Im lucky to have you as a friend, fixing my face when i ruin it! hahaha

    FOTD … i dont know what that means …

    Liked by 1 person

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