Vanity / Storage plans !

How much would you love to own this beauty!?

Hello beauties!

today’s blog will be a light little chit-chat kind of a blog about vanity’s and beauty storage plans.So I recently moved to a new flat, it is very small but hey a home is a home. My flat is so small that I have to shove all my beauty products in to a tiny mirrored cabinet in the bathroom, and lets just say that the bathroom is not my favorite place to do my makeup!
I just want tho have a nice place somewhere to keep my makeup, where I can easily see what is where and it is a big plus if I can sit down, now you are all thinking ” well, just get a desk or a vanity”… I WISH….like that is my dream! To actually have a Vanity with a mirror built in, but my place is way too small for that. Thank god for websites like Google and Pinterest because I went mad on finding some Ideas for the perfect setup for my tiny little apartment!

How much would you love to own this beauty!?

The Table:
To start off lets talk about the most important item for a vanity the table of course!…What I am thinking is a white table with at least 3 drawers on each side of the “legs”, if that is too big I’d be happy with 3 drawers on one side. on top of the table I would like to have drawers as well on each side and jars/ cups for my brushes and ofcourse a mirror. I haven’t found anything small enough that could fit for the space I have in mind, and I think I might have to ask someone handy to build me a desk small enough, unless you have any Ideas for me? I would be so grateful if you did help me out with this 😛

Clear dividers for drawers
Clear dividers keep your drawers mess free and gorgeous!

The Drawers:
I like to keep things tidy when it comes to my products, I hate it when I have to mess my system up to find one thing …this happens every time I do my makeup but anyways! I’ve been looking for ideas for a long time and I saw that you can get clear acrylic dividers for drawers and I need to get me some of those, If I can find a desk with 3 drawers like I described above I would put these dividers in there. Now on top of the table I said I wanted drawers aswell, cha-chiiing! Found Clear acrylic drawers that look awesome! and I’d like to get my hands on two of those, to place on each side of the table top! Have you ever tried these drawers and what do you think of them?

il_340x270.721545679_3rpsThe Brush holders:
Oh my now the DIY Diva wants to come out and have a go at this! I am loving pastel painted Mason Jars, It just looks so neat and pretty! I want to do 3 of these, in pastel yellow, pink and blue.. my favorite colours eeek! and I’d like to do this to a flower vase so I can get some cute flowers as well 🙂

The Magnetic Storage:14-03-2011-018
I have been meaning to do this for over 2 years now! I just don’t know where I can find a metal sheet! This is such a cool way to store your makeup and I am so thankful for the persons creativity that thought of this! If you have tried this please tell me if you liked it or not, I think it could get a bit tiring to gluea magnets on your makeup in the long run.

The extra:
Now if all this doesn’t contain my products I would like to get a small Ikea Alex drawers, they just look simple and neat, and If I need some extra room that would be easy to place under or on the table!

Well I’m sorry that I didn’t do a proper beauty related post today but on Thursday i promise I will do a nice little FOTD or something 🙂

If you have any ideas or like to show me your vanity/storage please feel free 🙂 I am really on the HUNT for ideas 😀

With lots of love xxx


6 thoughts on “Vanity / Storage plans !

  1. crankyme91 says:

    I think its a great ideas, you’ve been talkig abotu a long time now to get a proper orginise! haha and yeah your bathroom is kinda tight true. Well until then, use a shovel to dig!

    Liked by 1 person

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